Thursday, 16 May 2013

Montreal Eats (May)

Montreal Eats (May Edition)

Returning for a short trip to MTL, we revisited a few favourites (sorry for no revisit posts for most of these). We have another fabulous meal at Les 400 Coups, delicious arepas at Arepera du Plateau, late night smoked meat at The Main and La Banquise (we were loving the "La Taquise" poutine featured below) and of course Fairmount Bagels. Also featured below are some snacks from the Jean Talon Market, which had an abundance of vendors selling fruits, veg, cheese, meats, breads etc. 

We ordered the classic: Medium fat sandwiches, fries, pickle, cole slaw and black cherry cola!

Patisserie Au Kouign Amann vs. Fous Desserts (Montreal)

Having been spoiled in Paris, it has been difficult to find a croissant of equal or similar value since coming home. I visited the most well known patisseries for croissants in Montreal, Kouign Amann and Fous Desserts (which I had last time). The croissant at Fous Desserts won, hands down. It has to be eaten at time of purchase, incredibly flakey exterior with a soft but buttery interior. The croissant from Kouign Amann was good, but my heart (and tummy) stay loyal to Fous Dessert. The almond croissant is also extremely decadent but incredible. I did really enjoy the Kouign Amann from Kouign Amann, beautifully caramelized with many buttery layers. 

Kouign Amann 
Left to right: Kouign Amann, croissant and almond croissant 

Fous Dessert 

Jean Talon Market 

Lunch at Jean Talon Market 

We shopped at Hamel Fromagerie for terrine (liver and dates, to die for) and this insanely delicious triple cream brie (Chateau de Bourgogne), an unpateurized goats milk cheese (stand alone vendor), baguette from Premiere Moisson and meats from Balkani and Cochons Tout Ronds (my favourite was the "Figatelli" - 50% pork, 50% offal .. heart/liver/kidney). Sorry for the lack of names/photos, I was so hungry! 

Havres Aux Glaces

Incredibly well known for their ice cream, I had to try it out. I had the dulce to leche flavour which was a base of vanilla, with a beautiful caramel flavour and gooey caramel layered throughout. I also tried the mango which was fresh and juicy. Great ice cream, I highly recommend! 

  At home charcuterie board with leftovers from lunch!

La Banquise 

This was our favourite poutine variation, "La Taquise," which had fries, gravy, cheese curds, sour cream, tomatoes and guacamole. We got this almost every night and it was mighty delicious at 3am. 

 Patisserie Au Kouign Amann on Urbanspoon Fous desserts on Urbanspoon

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