Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tickets Bar

Tickets Bar ... THE BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE. The chances of getting a reservation at El Bulli is nearly impossible thus I was incredibly lucky enough to have booked the first day Tickets Bar opened their reservations in January. When I received my confirmation, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to have a taste of El Bulli and of Adria Ferran's creations. I was completely blown away by every single dish I had. The presentation, the taste and the entire dining experience was outstanding. You first enter and it is literally a circus. The entire restaurant is outfitted for the circus which created a whimsical atmosphere and I quickly get seated right in front of the main kitchen.

At the entrance of Tickets Bar

Menu (top corner) and my "forceps" for the evening.

My front row view of the kitchen.

To start the meal I got the famous Olive Spheres that are served at El Bulli. The spheres explode in your mouth and it is incredible. It is made with 5 different flavour variants of olives .. NOTE: this is not an olive!!

I get my own jar full of them!

Jamon de Toro: One of my favourites of the night. Super thinly sliced tuna belly carpaccio, "painted" with the fat of the jamon Iberico, topped with a crumble of pistachios. Melt in your mouth factor is outrageous.

Steak tartar de tomaquet amb lamines de pa crisps: This dish was exploding with flavour and was impeccibly fresh tasting. It's a tomato tartar with watermelon, pistachio and a quail egg yolk. All mixed together the combination was similar to an epic salsa. The fresh crisps were a definite plus. (Below: tartar with crisp)

Mini air baguettes filled with manchego cheese foam and topped with Iberico ham: Very light manchego foam on the inside with a nice crunch from the air baguette and the fat of the iberico ham just melts.

Oyster with its Pearl: Very LARGE oyster and you feel like you can taste the sea (in the best way possible). If you are an oyster fan, this was completely unique.

Air Baguette with Josolito Iberico Ham: Very self explanatory but a tasty morcel indeed.

Liquid ravioli with payoyo cheese: This is very special like the spherical olive. Very unexpected how it bursts open and you can really taste the cheese and fat coat your entire mouth. Really quite an experience.

Confit potatoes in spanish olive oil with pork rib sauce and iberian boiled ham: I got two orders of this. Another favourite of mine throughout the night. This was absolutely succulent. The potatoes were seasoned so perfectly, the sauces were mouth watering and the boiled iberian ham tasted like the best bacon to have graced the earth. Fabulous.

Rabbit Ribs with Garlic Mayo Foam: Never had rabbit before this, but it was amazing. Excellent texture and these juicy little fatty explosions were unforgettable.

Oyster with tepid and pickled: Warmed with a delicious sauce. Nice acidity to balance the overall flavour.  

Hot/Cold Fritters: To die for. These fritters have a hot exterior but when you bite into them, its a cold "molten" chocolate that oozes out. What girl could resist? Thus I had two orders.

Mango sorbet: This entire dessert is made of mango including the cone. The cone is made of simple syrup and very thin slices of mango; had the same texture as a real cone. The mango flavour was literally exactly like the fruit. They come to your seat and make it to order with that adorable ice cream cart.  

Finally the end of my meal after three hours of dining. What an epic success as there was not one thing I did not enjoy here. I would come back in a heartbeat!

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