Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Barcelona is hands down my most favourite city in the WORLD! I wish I had more time here as the food was mind blowing and I have never experienced food like this in my entire life (so far). I will post a few honourable mentions from Barcelona below and than continue with individual restaurants for the remainder of the trip.

MADRID - BARCELONA (Arago 282, 08007 Barcelona, Spain)

My first meal in Barcelona and my god it was delicious. I was too tired to venture too far from my hotel so I was referred to this little restaurant just down the street from where I was staying. I ordered their specialty, the lobster paella. If you love lobster, this paella was absolute heaven. The flavours infused in the rice were intensely savoury with the fresh, juicy lobster adding a subtle sweetness. You get the entire lobster to break apart yourself but definitely worth the work.

KAIKU (Placa del mar 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain)

The chef was incredibly kind letting me have lunch with no reservation, especially on a Sunday. He created a massive tasting menu for me but due to the language barrier I had a very difficult time understanding what I was eating. Regardless the standout dish was the one shown below, their house specialty, the smoked rice paella.

Lovely beachfront table

Smoked rice and seafood paella. Divine!

RESERVA IBERICA (Arag├│, 242  08007 Barcelona, Spain)

The best ham in Spain. I also went to Jamonisimo (C/ Proven├ža, 85, Barcelona ) which was good but I was really blown away by Reserva Iberica. Their chorizo was full of flavour, fatty, salty and spicy. I enjoyed it in a sandwich and also just on its own with a glass of cava. I also went back to taste the salamanca which was unforgettable. Also very fatty but melts in your mouth .. yummy goodness.

Best Chorizo sausage Ever!



Chorizo sausage

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